The debate about Marvel superheroes and their genitals continues in a new interview where Paul Bettany was asked about Vision's anatomy. Last week it was Spider-Man and his lack of a package in the new character posters for Avengers: Infinity War and before that, it was a focus on the backsides of Captain America and Bucky. Now, the question has been floated to Paul Bettany while sitting beside Elizabeth Olsen about the genitals of Vision and how it all works.

In the video of the interview, you can see the interviewer thinking about going there right when Paul Bettany starts talking about love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Infinity War. And then he does it. He asks Bettany about Vision's genitals and how that works since he's pretty much a sentient robot. To Bettany's credit, he barely skips a beat after laughing at the question. He had this to say.

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"Vision has the ability to change his density, so you figure that out for yourself."

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany even insinuated that the question had been asked a few times before since they mentioned something about starting a hashtag about it. While you have to give credit to Bettany for answering the question, you also have to give credit to the interviewer for having the guts to ask a question like that to a guy that's basically starring in a Disney movie. One can't really picture asking Donald Glover about Simba's anatomy when the live-action remake of The Lion King comes out or asking Craig T. Nelson the same thing about Mr. Incredible.

In other, non-superhero genital news, Infinity War has been ramping up the hype machine for the movie by releasing scores of new posters as well as brand-new TV spots nearly every day, with each giving some extra clues about the upcoming movie. While there has been a lot of new footage released over the last several weeks, Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers have done an excellent job raising more questions than cries over spoilers. It's quite remarkable to know that the first 30 minutes of Infinity War has been screened multiple times all over the world and even hardcore Marvel fans aren't breaking out any spoilers.

Infinity War is now exactly two weeks away from hitting theaters as of this writing and Marvel fans are starting to get a little antsy, wondering about what exactly they're going to see on the big screen when the movie finally hits theaters. Hopefully by then you can forget that someone actually asked Paul Bettany about Vision's genitals by then. Otherwise, you're going to have a bummer of a time watching Infinity War. You can check out said interview below, thanks to the gutsy interviewers over at Hey U Guys YouTube channel. The question pops up at the 1:35 mark.