From the looks of the trailers, Vision runs into a pretty dark situation when Thanos' Black Order meets up with him to retrieve the Mind Stone. In a new interview, Anthony Russo reveals that scenes from Avengers: Infinity War are structured from different film genres and unfortunately for Vision, his structure will be taken from the horror genre. That's an interesting statement, especially since Doctor Strange's story looks like it could also be taken from the horror genre as well. This leads us to believe that Vision's story might get a little messy.

The aforementioned scene reportedly takes place in Stockholm, where the Scarlett Witch and Vision are in hiding. The duo doesn't end up hidden for very long when the Black Order appears to rip the Mind Stone straight from Vision's head. It looks like Corvus Glaive is the one trying to pry the stone from Vision's head and it doesn't look like a pleasant situation, to say the least. When talking about that scene, Anthony Russo revealed that it's based off of the horror genre. He had this to say.

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"We structured that scene more like a horror film. We try to give each sequence in the film a slightly different tone and concept, based on the characters driving that sequence."

In a recent interview, Paul Bettany teased that he and Elizabeth Olsen have an "exciting" storyline in Infinity War. Running into Thanos' Black Order could be considered exciting, but we'll have to agree with Anthony Russo and say that it looks pretty horrifying. Some Marvel fans believe that Vision will die without the Mind Stone, but there appears to be footage in the latest trailer of the superhero without the stone. It could be bad lighting, but it certainly looks like the stone is missing when he appears with Black Widow and Captain America.

Elizabeth Olsen recently commented on the possibility of Infinity War exploring the relationship between her Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany's Vision. While the actress didn't come out and directly say there would be a romance, she does imply that the movie will explore their relationship. However, Olsen does say that they explore that part from the comic series, so a romance portion in Infinity War seems inevitable.

Overall, Infinity War is being called Thanos' movie by the Russo Brothers and most of the cast who call it a Mad Titan origin story. Within that narrative, the whole movie has been compared to a heist movie, so it will be interesting to see how the different genres pop up throughout the different scenes. If Vision's scene in Stockholm is considered a part of the horror genre, one has to wonder what the scene in the new trailer with Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw is based off of, because it looks sadistic and horrifying. You can read the rest of the interview with Anthony Russo from Empire Magazine via ComicBook.

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