Artist Stephen Byrne has shared some art for a theoretical Avengers vs. Justice League crossover event. Such a crossover would require Marvel Comics and DC Comics to work together in order to bring these two beloved and powerful teams to blows. Based on this art, it seems like the kind of thing that could be truly remarkable, if the companies could find a way to make it work.

Stephen Byrne, a comic book artist who has worked on books such as Wonder Twins and Green Arrow, took to Twitter to share the art. Even though the four images shared by Byrne weren't drawn up in an official capacity, they might as well be a pitch making a case for why Marvel and DC should come together to make this happen. It is, in a word, epic, even without a single word of dialogue spread across the four pages. Byrne had this to say in his caption.

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"The best of both worlds."

The art is packed with imagery that is quite striking. The first image has DC Comics icons Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman trading blows with Marvel All-Stars Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. It looks, more or less, like a possible cover for an issue of the proposed comic. The next page shifts to focus more specifically on a showdown between Iron Man and Superman. Tony Stark gives it his best shot, but he is simply no match for the last son of Krypton as Ka-El decimates the Marvel hero. We then shift to Wonder Woman squaring off against Thor. To the God of Thunder's surprise, the Amazonian warrior is quite worthy and is able to wield his trusty hammer, Mjolnir. Perhaps the biggest surprise comes on the final page, which features a fiery battle between Batman and Wolverine.

So far as we know, an Avengers vs. Justice League crossover is not in the works currently. That said, this may be more possible now than it might have been at the beginning of 2020. The comic book industry was hit quite hard by the economic shutdown. Many writers and artists have suggested that marquee events will be needed to help attract readers and get sales numbers up. A Marvel/DC crossover has been put forth as one way to accomplish that.

Even though the movies that are based on Marvel and DC properties attract a lot more attention than the comics themselves, a big crossover could bring in new readers. It is also worth pointing out that this wouldn't be the first time such a crossover has happened. In 2003, the publishers worked together on JLA/Avengers. The difference is the two sets of heroes teamed up in that book. Watching the Avengers and the Justice League battle it out? That is something else entirely and could offer a lot of bang for the buck. Be sure to check out the art for yourself from Stephen Byrne's Twitter account.