During a recent press junket for Spider-Man 3, Superhero flix Producer Avi Arad discussed another mega-production he is working on, Iron Man.

How involved are you right now in Iron Man?

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Avi Arad:Iron Man enjoys a lot less of my presence especially in the last month, because we are concentrating on this picture. That is fine really because the toughest part of the movie is preproduction, getting the script right, getting interesting casting, after that there is an amazing production team and a great director, and I go and visit in between.

How's it looking?

Avi Arad: It's looking great. With a cast like that how can you have anything but a terrific movie? A great script, a great director. It shows you what happened, finally we are able to do what we did with Spider-Man from a casting standpoint. X-Men from a casting standpoint. The biggest actors in this country, or anywhere for that matter, want to be in these movies because they know they're character driven. They get a chance to act in a way that most movies do not allow.

Spider-Man 3 swings into conventional theaters and IMAX on May 4 from Columbia Pictures.

Iron Man hits theaters May 2, 2008 from Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs