The writers' strike is looking to affect Hollywood's coveted award season. According to Variety, all major award shows use writers. That means we may not be seeing Golden Globes||The Golden Globes}, Grammys, SAG Awards, Independent Spirit Awards, or the Academy Awards this year.

The major question is what these shows would look like without a script. Whether they can get a waiver for the use of writers. And whether the shows themselves will be picketed. It is likely that actors would refuse to cross the picket line to attend such award shows if they are being picketed by the WGA.

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences' Leslie Unger stated, "With regard to the Oscar show, we don't yet know how the strike may impact us. It's still a few months away and our fervent hope is we'll have a show that's everything it should be."

Most of these shows are still months away. The hope is that something can be resolved by then. The first show up is Sunday's American Music Awards. That show has already been written, and Jimmy Kimmel is still planning to host the telecast.