AwesomenessTV, a multi-platform media company serving the global teen audience, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with YouTube to produce and create multiple feature length films with YouTube stars over the next 18 months. These movies will have their premiere on YouTube, with the first release anticipated to debut this fall. Said Brian Robbins, CEO and Founder AwesomenessTV:

"We work with amazing creators to make great short form content on YouTube every day. We think the platform is really ready for long form, so now we will make movies that will star YouTubers and premiere on YouTube. We will turn YouTube stars into movie stars."

Said Kelly Merryman, Vice President, Content Partnerships, YouTube:

"We believe that feature-length content can thrive on YouTube and know that many of our top creators are eager to explore long form storytelling. We've partnered with Brian Robbins and AwesomenessTV to create a new distribution paradigm which begins with a global release on YouTube."

Following the release on YouTube, the films will be made available on other distribution platforms.  The model is based in part on the extraordinary success of Expelled, which was produced and released by AwesomenessTV, starring social media and YouTube star Cameron Dallas. The films will be marketed in large part by the extraordinary social following of the YouTube stars involved.


AwesomenessTV is a multi-platform media company owned by DreamWorks Animation (Nasdaq: DWA) and Hearst Corporation, which has a 25 percent interest. Included under the AwesomenessTV banner are AwesomenessTV, the leading YouTube channel serving the global teen audience; the ATV Network, a community based MCN with over 7.5 billion views; DreamWorksTV; Awestruck; Big Frame Management; as well as consumer products, music, publishing, and branded entertainment divisions. AwesomenessTV also produces television series and theatrical films, such as the No.1 social movie of 2014, Expelled; the AwesomenessTV series andTerry The Tomboy movie on Nickelodeon; and Richie Rich on Netflix. AwesomenessTV was founded by Brian Robbins (Smallville, Varsity Blues, All That) and Joe Davola (In Living Color, Smallville, MTV Networks).