First the studio brings movies to iTunes and now it's throwing it's hat into the next generation ring.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they report that Paramount is entering the world of Blu-ray and HD-DVD with the release of Babel on February 20.

The disc in HD or Blu-ray will run consumers $42.99 while the a standard version will set them back $29.99.

Other titles the company is bringing out in HD-DVD and Blu-ray in 2007 are:

- Flags of Our Fathers

- Face/Off

- Payback: Straight Up

"The strong sales for high-definition televisions during the holiday season mean that consumers will be seeking more high-definition content in the coming year," said Paramount Pictures president of worldwide home entertainment, Kelley Avery. "In 2007 we plan to support the HD DVD landscape with an array of critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite films to further excite consumers about the possibilities of high-definition in their homes."

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