Baby Driver 2 is still very much in the cards. That's not what it will be called and it's not yet clear when it will happen, but star Ansel Elgort has seen the script and is confident that it will happen at some point. Director Edgar Wright scored a major, unexpected hit with Baby Driver in 2017. As is the nature of the business these days, Sony had the filmmaker pen a script for a sequel. Updates have been few and far between, but now Elgort, who plays the titular Baby, has shared what he knows. Unfortunately, it isn't all that much.

The actor, during a recent interview, was asked about the script for Baby Driver 2. Edgar Wright previously revealed he has a completed draft. When pressed, Ansel Elgort confirmed, "Yes, he has shared it with me." When pressed further, Elgort explained that he feels the movie will happen and teased that it won't simply be taking the original title and slapping a number 2 on the end of it. Here's what Elgort had to say.

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"Yes, I think it's gonna happen. I think there will be 'Baby Driver 2.' It has a different title, actually. You're gonna have to ask Edgar [Wright] that, though."

Ansel Elgort wasn't very forthcoming, either because he truly doesn't know any real information or doesn't want to give anything away. The actor wouldn't/couldn't confirm any sort of timetable for when the sequel may actually get off the ground. In any event, it does sound like the gears are moving, even if they're moving slowly, on seeing Baby get back behind the wheel for another go-around.

If the sequel does indeed get the green light from the studio, it's likely going to be a little while before we see it come to fruition. Edgar Wright is currently filming his new thriller, Last Night in Soho, in addition to working on a documentary about the band Sparks. Ansel Elgort, meanwhile, is playing one of the lead roles in Steven Spielberg's remake of West Side Story, which is being positioned as a possible awards season contender next year. So that's sure to keep Elgort busy for a while. Lily James, who plays Debra, is set to star in the Downton Abbey movie later this year.

Baby Driver was met with widespread critical praise, currently boasting a 93 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That praise ultimately helped push the movie to earn three Oscar nominations last year, including Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing and Best Film Editing. Commercially, the movie was also a huge hit, bringing in $226 million, working from a $34 million budget. Having a mid-budget, original hit is becoming increasingly rare these days. Perhaps we'll get an update on the sequel when Edgar Wright begins promoting Last Night in Soho. Feel free to check out the interview clip from the MTV News Twitter account below.