Edgar Wright has announced that Baby Driver is getting another soundtrack. Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score is coming next month and will feature the actual, original music composed for the movie by Steven Brice, in addition to some previously unreleased songs from the movie that weren't included on the soundtrack. If any movie can justify having two different soundtracks, it's Baby Driver.

The announcement was made by Edgar Wright on Twitter. Currently, he hasn't released any specific details about what new tracks will be included, other than that there will be some remixes and a previously unreleased song by Kid Koala. So there's quite a bit here in addition to the original score for Baby Driver. Here's what Edgar Wright had to say about it.

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"'Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score' will be released on April 13 on @30thCenturyRcd. The LP features more memorable songs from the movie, exclusive tracks, @osymyso remixes & dialogue excerpts as well as the unreleased score by Oscar winning composer @StevenBPrice. Featuring an as yet unreleased @kidkoala song too. Another of Baby's mixes."

Normally, something like this might feel like a bit of a cash grab, but it's not as though the first Baby Driver soundtrack was brief. As is, the first Baby Driver soundtrack consists of two discs and 30 different songs. So including the original score just wasn't all that realistic on that release. And since the movie relies so heavily on actual songs as opposed to original score, releasing just the score on its own might not have been enough. But it sounds like Baby Driver Volume 2 will have more than enough on it to make it worth picking up. Assuming you dug the music in the movie, that is.

There are few movies that are so attached to the music featured in it as Baby Driver. The movie made its debut almost exactly a year ago at SXSW and went on to become Edgar Wright's most successful movie to date. The movie grossed $226.9 million at the box office and was nominated for three Oscars. Wright has always been a beloved director, but this is the first movie that he's made that really managed to cross over into the mainstream, and the soundtrack wound up being a huge part of that.

Some tracks that didn't make it onto the first Baby Driver soundtrack include New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 by R.E.M., Hollaback Girl by Eiza González, Cry Baby Cry by Unloved and Baby I'm Yours by Barbara Lewis. So those could very well end up being featured on Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score, in addition to Stephen Brice's original music composed for the movie. While it hasn't been officially announced, we know Edgar Wright has had discussions with Sony about possibly doing Baby Driver 2. We'll have to see if that ultimately comes to pass, but for now, you'll have some more music from the first movie to fill the void. You can check out Edgar Wright's Twitter announcement for yourself below.