One Star Wars fan has taken Baby Yoda fever to the next level with Baby Jabba the Hutt. We all know that Baby Yoda isn't the technical name, but it works and sounds better than the Child. Plus, as Jon Favreau points out, it's more marketable. The breakout star of The Mandalorian has taken over the world as fans eagerly await the official merchandise following the end of season 1 back in December. The official Baby Yoda merch lands in stores in May. But a new fan-made version of Baby Jabba might start to take over in the coming months.

Star Wars fan Leonardo Viti is the one behind Baby Jabba the Hutt. He crafted up a version of the character and shared a video on social media of his infant creation. The Return of the Jedi villain kind of looks like Sinclair, the baby from Dinosaurs, with larger eyes. For fans thinking he might look like his son, Rotta, he doesn't really resemble him too much, though that would have been a nice touch for some of the more hardcore fans. Rotta was a baby Hutt introduced in the Clone Wars animated movie, giving us a baby version of Jabba way before Baby Yoda ever arrived on the scene. Regardless, Baby Jabba is pretty cute and could very well steal some of Baby Yoda's thunder if he is ever included in the official canon.

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Both Jabba the Hutt and Yoda passed away in Return of the Jedi, which means we're not going to be seeing real baby versions of these characters any time soon. The Mandalorian takes place about five years after Jedi, so the Child is some part of the mysterious Yoda species, which Star Wars fans have yet to learn about either on the big or small screen. Hopefully Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni will explore that aspect of the character and species in future episodes of The Mandalorian.

The popularity of Baby Yoda has had some fans hoping for a Muppet Babies-like series for Disney+, but that probably is not going to happen. That could be a missed opportunity for Lucasfilm to cash in, but it's more than likely for the best. Star Wars fans have been through enough lately and need a breather. With that being said, nobody needs a breather from The Mandalorian as everybody tries to be patient for the upcoming season 2, which will explore more of Moff Gideon's story and his reasoning for wanting Baby Yoda so bad.

The Mandalorian has created a whole new Star Wars fandom with cosplay and unofficial Baby Yoda all over everywhere. Baby Mando is quickly becoming a convention favorite and was even asked to join the First Order by Kylo Ren at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. The recruitment has since gone viral, but it proves that anything baby-related to Star Wars is gaining popularity real quick. You can check out the Baby Jabba below, thanks to Leonardo Viti's Instagram account.