Baby Jar Jar Binks has arrived, thanks to some new Star Wars fan art. Baby Yoda may have some serious competition on his hands now that Baby Jar Jar is here. Jar Jar Binks received the brunt of prequel hate over 20 years ago. Fans loved to hate on the guy, which led voice actor Ahmed Best down the path to some serious depression. Thankfully, Best is currently okay with his contribution to the Star Wars universe, and some fans have even come around to embrace Jar Jar.

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While adult Jar Jar Binks was rather annoying (for most people) on the big screen, Baby Jar Jar is adorable. Star Wars fan Leonardo Viti is the artist behind the work, who also made the Baby Jabba the Hutt from a few months ago. Even the most jaded fan is going to find Baby Jar Jar to be pretty cute and some may even think he has what it takes to take the crown from the Child, aka Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda currently has the stronghold on the market, especially now that The Mandalorian merchandise is finally starting to come out. Merch was available before, but in order to keep Baby Yoda a secret, they didn't produce anything with his likeness until after the first episode had aired, which led to a ton of bootleg material. May the 4th, which is next Monday, will see the Child finally come home in a number of different configurations. There's incredibly detailed Hot Figures that are going for hundreds of dollars, though they don't come out until later this year, and then the toys for kids (and adults).

George Lucas was looking for Jar Jar Binks to add some humor to the prequels. While his intentions were in the right place, the execution wasn't exactly what long-time Star Wars fans were hoping to see after waiting for so long. With that being said, there were still more than a few people who automatically gravitated towards Jar Jar, though they were more than likely little kids at the time. Lucas always wanted the children to be able to get into the franchise, so Jar Jar definitely fits into that mold.

As for Baby Yoda, he seems like a safe bet. The Mandalorian was basically made and secret and introduced the world to a character they didn't know they needed, but was rooted in the familiar. Obviously, he's not really Yoda, but we don't know much about the species, so the name sticks for now. Maybe season 2, which is set to premiere this fall, will give us some more information, including a name for the little green dude. In the meantime, you can check out the adorable Baby Jar Jar Binks below, thanks to Leonardo Viti's Instagram page.