The Baby-Sitters Club movie that hit theaters in 1995 is based on the insanely popular children's book series. Though the movie was not a box office sensation, it was still very popular amongst young girls and had another life on home video as a perfect companion to the novels. It's been nearly 23 years since the movie hit theaters and now a partial reunion has taken place while getting together to watch the Golden Globes. Larisa Oleynik (Dawn Schafer), Bre Blair (Stacey McGill), director Melanie Mayron, Rachael Leigh Cook (Mary Anne Spier), and Schuyler Fisk (Kristy Thomas) all got together at Mayron's house to watch the awards ceremony.

The BFFs from the 90s are still friends to this day and get together when they can, but careers and families make the times that they get together less frequent. Baby-Sitter's Club president Schuyler Fisk posted the picture of the reunited crew with a caption that reads, "This is a club I'm so grateful to be a part of," Fisk captioned the reunion photo. "These women have my heart . . . and all my secrets." Rachael Leigh Cook told Entertainment Tonight that the gathering came about because out-of-towners Schuyler Fisk and Larisa Oleynik were in Los Angeles, so Melanie Mayron hosted the reunion.

When talking to Entertainment Tonight about the reunion, Rachel Leigh Cook said, "It's like no time has passed at all." In addition, Cook added that they are all still very close, stating that they grew up together and that they have each other's back. The reunion culminated while they all stopped reminiscing to watch Oprah Winfrey's empowering speech at the Golden Globes. Cook said that the speech was the perfect way to end the night for the women that influenced young girls back in the 90s.

The Baby-Sitters Club started has a successful book series created and written by Anne M. Martin. The incredibly popular series has sold over 176 million books to date and continues to inspire young girls getting into reading. Martin received plenty of fan mail over the years from women all over the world who were inspired by her books. She says, "I got lots of letters back then from very enthusiastic readers who had tried to start their own clubs, and they hadn't worked." She went on to say that she wanted girls to be entrepreneurial to start their own successful businesses.

The Baby-Sitters Club continues to influence young readers around the world and the movie is the perfect companion piece for readers. It still resonates today and is more than likely due to the strong bond that the young actresses and director formed while making the movie. The Baby-Sitters club also had a mini-reunion back in 2015 and they try to get together as much as their schedules permit, so here's hoping that they do it again soon. You can check out the picture of the reunion below, courtesy of Schulyer Fisk's Instagram account below.