Funko has announced that Baby Yoda is their bestselling pre-order item of all time. The figure hasn't even hit shelves and it's already topped the hundreds of pop culture icons the company has put out over the years. The Mandalorian dropped in November 2019 and nobody even knew about Baby Yoda, aka the Child's, existence until the very end of the first episode. It was a surprise that not even the biggest Star Wars fans saw coming.

Now, the world is still caught up in Baby Yoda fever after The Mandalorian debuted late last year. In order to keep the surprise from leaking, Disney held off on producing any merchandise having to do with the character, which meant that they missed out on some major holiday money last year. Regardless, the official Baby Yoda merchandise has slowly started to trickle out, but it's mostly t-shirts and phone cases for now. The action figures will start to hit the shelves in May, which includes the highly anticipated, and now best-selling, Baby Yoda Pop! figure.

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To celebrate, and promote the Baby Yoda Pop!, Reis O'Brien (Funko Art Director) talked about the development of the Child Pop! figure in a new video. The footage shows the Funko team designing The Mandalorian star while O'Brien talks about how hard it was to start the design process. Funko did not have any advanced knowledge that the character was going to be introduced and only received the bare minimum in terms of what they needed for design. According to O'Brien, the Funko team likes to try and interject some of the personality into their figures, but they didn't have much to go on for the Child at first.

While some feared that Baby Yoda fatigue would set in, that never really happened. Others thought that the fad would die down by the time the official Baby Yoda merchandise was put on sale, and that doesn't seem to be the case either. The Child is here to stay and things are only going to get better in the fall, which is when The Mandalorian season 2 debuts. The toys will hit shelves prior to summer, giving the little green dude some time to shine again before the second season lands.

The Mandalorian season 2 premieres in October on Disney+. There are no storylines that have been revealed, but we do know that Mando is going to continue his journey with the Child and we should learn a lot more about him. Star Wars fans were shocked to see Baby Yoda appear and even more surprised to see that nearly everybody enjoyed the show. For fans of the franchise, it's pretty hard to see a lot of people agreeing about something in a positive light, so Disney and Lucasfilm are definitely taking note of this success. You can check out the making of the Baby Yoda Pop! figure below, thanks to the Funko Twitter account.