George Lucas has officially met and held Baby Yoda. Jon Favreau posted an image of the Star Wars creator cradling the Child in his arms on social media. Favreau previously talked about the advice Lucas offered him before setting out to make The Mandalorian. Lucas made it clear that "the real audience for all stories and all myths is the kids that are coming of age," while also noting that the stories work for adults too. Favreau took the advice and has made something that nearly all Star Wars fans can finally agree on with the help of franchise expert Dave Filoni.

Jon Favreau's image of Baby Yoda and George Lucas is a bit on the blurry side and almost looks like The Mandalorian showrunner snuck the photo. Maybe Lucas doesn't like having his picture taken? Regardless, it's pretty awesome to see the Child in the hands of the creator. As for when the image was taken, that is unclear. We do know that Lucas visited the set during season 1 and season 2 is currently under way, so it could very well be a brand-new photograph from the upcoming season.

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The image of George Lucas and Baby Yoda was presented on social media without a caption and Jon Favreau has yet to comment any further about it. The Mandalorian has been able to feel the closest to the original trilogy that anyone, even Lucas himself, has done in over 20 years. It feels like old school Star Wars, mainly because Favreau and Dave Filoni have studied the franchise and went back to the inspirations that Lucas had when he was crafting A New Hope. Plus, Favreau was able to get some direct advice from Lucas, which helped out a lot.

The Child is still really popular and we'll probably see a lot more of him around when the official Baby Yoda merchandise hits the shelves in May. Like George Lucas when he made A New Hope, not all of the merchandise was ready to go at launch time. When Disney+ dropped The Mandalorian and revealed the surprise star, there was no merchandise put in place in order to keep the Child a secret. As for Lucas, they had to manufacture all of the Star Wars action figures after the fact, which created an even bigger hype for them.

Baby Yoda merchandise will more than likely be like A New Hope action figures when it finally hits the shelves. There could be a supply shortage, which will lead to third party sales for higher prices and people fighting in stores over The Mandalorian products. Thankfully, the wait is almost over since seeing George Lucas with Baby Yoda is going to make everybody want one all over again. You can check out the blurry image below, thanks to Jon Favreau's Twitter account.