Another Star Wars star has chimed in on the Baby Yoda Vs. Porgs debate. And it sounds like Porgs are truly yesterday's news. Baby Yoda has taken over the conversation and is even threatening to take over The Rise of Skywalker. The adorable little creature was introduced in the first episode of The Mandalorian and he quickly upstaged his human co-star, Pedro Pascal. When asked whether or not it bothered him, Pascal says, "I'm cool (with) it." Now, John Boyega is getting in on the conversation and he has a NSFW message for the Porgs.

John Boyega is out doing press for The Rise of Skywalker and was recently bombarded by fans and the paparazzi while attending his next appointment. Boyega acted like a true pro as he took questions from the paparazzi while signing autographs and taking pictures with Star Wars fans. He spoke about accidentally leaking the Star Wars 9 script and then was asked about Baby Yoda. John Boyega was specifically asked about the Porgs vs. Baby Yoda debate. "Baby Yoda, man!" exclaimed the Finn actor. He then mouthed to the camera, "F**k Porgs!"

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It doesn't get more straight forward than that. John Boyega is clearly in the Baby Yoda camp, which seems to be the general consensus. While the Porgs were excepted by some Star Wars fans, Baby Yoda has been able to melt the heart of even the most negative fans in less than a month. Part of the allure is the mystery as to how he exists and where he came from. We're still in the dark and everybody wants to know just exactly what his presence will have to do with the franchise as a whole.

As for the Porgs, we have yet to see them in any promotional material for The Rise of Skywalker, except for one German poster. The international poster features one tiny, lonesome Porg, believed to be Chewbacca's buddy who is officially named Terbus. Obviously, we don't if it's Terbus in the poster, but it makes the most sense with the information we have. However, it seems like most of the world has forgotten about the Porgs in favor of The Child and all of his mysterious, adorable glory.

Baby Yoda was kept such a secret that Lucasfilm and Disney did not even have time to cash in on the merchandising this holiday season. That's huge since everybody is out on the hunt for anything with the character's likeness on it. Thankfully, Funko has everybody covered with a new POP! version of Baby Yoda on the way. Other than that, there's a few shirts and the final remaining four episodes of the series, which wraps up at the end of this month. Will Baby Yoda be around for The Mandalorian season 2? That answer is actually already out there if you want it spoiled. For now, you can head over to TMZ to see John Boyega's real thoughts on the Porgs.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick