Tom Hanks' raucous 1984 comedy classic Bachelor Party is being rebooted as a TV anthology series for ABC.

The half hour sitcom has already earned a big put pilot commitment from the network and 20th Century Fox TV. Fox also has a TV show remake of Tom Hanks' 1988 comedy Big in development, as the studio was behind both films. Bachelor Party is being produced by the Small Dog Picture Co., run by feature film director Jason Winer, and Walcott Co., run by director Max Winkler and New Girl star Jake Johnson.

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The Bachelor Party anthology series was co-created by New Girl writer-producers J.J. Philbin and Josh Malmuth, and will examine the sanctity of marriage through the lens of three couples: One about to get married, one divorced, and a third just starting to fall in love. They will experience their relationships day by day as they continue to grow and change. The episodes will be told in different chapters focusing on a sole moment in one of the couples lives in the style of an anthology. Each season will focus on a different wedding party the couples will be attending.

Max Winkler and Jason Winer are expected to alternate between directing duties if Bachelor Party goes to series. Max Winkler is set to direct the pilot if time permits.

Tom Hanks's 1984 Bachelor Party followed a groom-to-be during his epic bachelor party full of temptations and took place over one night. It arrived as VHS began to boom, becoming a mainstay in home entertainment. An ill-conceived straight-to-DVD sequel arrived in 2008 titled Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation. It starred Josh Cooke, Michael Russell, and Harland Williams but was not well liked amongst fans or critics.