Ardent fans of the 1985 classic Back to The Future likely know that the movie was already in production with Eric Stoltz and Melora Hardin starring as Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker. When Michael J. Fox stepped in to replace Eric Stoltz, after the filmmakers felt he wasn't right for the part, Melora Hardin was also replaced by Claudia Wells, since producers felt Melora Hardin was too tall to star alongside Michael J. Fox. Filmmaker David Guy Levy has created a six-issue digital comic series entitled Back to Back to the Future, where Melora Hardin and Back to The Future writer Bob Gale travel back in time themselves, to ensure that both Eric Stoltz and Melora Hardin stay on the film. Today we have a featurette with the comic book creator explaining to the Young Storytellers Foundation why he chose to make this intriguing digital comic series, and you can also read on for details on how you can download the first issue for free.

CLICK HERE to download the first issue, which is available for free along with the second and third issues. The fourth, fifth, and sixth issues will be available for $2 apiece, with David Guy Levy donating all proceeds to the Young Storytellers Foundation. It isn't known when subsequent issues will be released, but you can follow the project on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

David Guy Levy also explained that the story came together when reading an interview with Bob Gale, who was heartbroken that he had to let Melora Hardin go from the production.

"I was reading an interview back in 2001 between's Stephen Clark and the writer/producer of Back to The Future, Bob Gale The interviewer asked about an actress, Melora Hardin, who had been cast as Marty's girlfriend. However when Eric was replaced, she then was too tall for Michael, and was subsequently replaced as well. In this same interview, Mr. Gale went on to respond: 'I'll tell you, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do, breaking the news to Melora, because she didn't do anything to warrant being let go. She was in tears, of course, and I was sick about it for days. I haven't spoken with her in about ten years, but now that I'm thinking about her, I just might have to do that.' All I could think after reading this statement was that here was the man who wrote the most popular films ever made about time travel, and he had this major regret. So I decided I wanted to tell the story where he gets to go back in time himself, through a parody of the films he helped create, and right this wrong."

When asked if he had ever met Eric Stoltz, David Guy Levy offered this response.

"I have never met Mr. Stoltz. I did see him eating at a restaurant in New York in the late '90s with Tate Donovan. When I began writing this in 2001, I thought it would be amusing if I just pretended they were close, dear friends based on that interaction alone. I have no idea what their real relationship consists of. But I haven't spoken with him or anyone else from Back to The Future about this project. I would feel too creepy approaching them and saying, 'Look what I've spent the last decade working on. It's all about you!'"