If you couldn't tell by all the listicles and jokes that hit your personal social media feed over the New Year Holiday, we are living in the future. Well, at least according to Back to the Future Part II. 2015 is the year Marty McFly must travel to with Doc in the DeLorean, insuring that his kids turn out okay. Along the way, he has a run in with Biff, a Sports Almanac, and a cool pair of self-lacing Nike sneakers. While a lot of things seen in Back to the Future Part II have not yet become a reality, we may finally be getting the much coveted Nike Power Laces this year! No, really!

Back in 2011, Nike actually realeased a screen accurate version of Marty McFly's future sneaks, which were called the Nike Mag and were produced in extremely limited qualities. They did not, however, feature the power laces. At the time, Nike did hint that they were trying to make this type of technology a reality, and now it seems like they have finally succeeded. According to shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Power Lace is very close to hitting the market, and Nike has already turned in a patent.

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Sneak blog Nice Kicks was at a recent trade show where Hatfield talked more about the new and improved 2015 Nike Mags. The hope is to get the shoes in stores sometime this year. At the show, the shoe designer reminded everyone that there are still '11 and two-thirds months' left in 2015. While there is no word on a release date just yet, Marty did go back to October 21, 2015. That sounds like a pretty good release date to us. Nice Kicks has a rundown of the patent and how the shoes work: CLICK HERE You can also check out a video featuring the original Nike Mag from way back in 2011: