Today is officially Back to The Future day! And to celebrate, USA Today is recreating the infamous front page from it's fictional October 21, 2015 edition as seen in the hit sequel Back to the Future Part II. The lead story finds Martin McFly Junior arrested for theft. But as we all know, Doc Brown and Marty are about to change the future. What they did must have gone horribly wrong, though. That's the only thing that accounts for no Jaws 19 in theaters, no flying cars and no Hoverboards this morning. Though, a few lucky fans are getting to enjoy Pepsi Perfect on this fine Wednesday.

October 21, 2015 is the day Doc and Marty travel to in Back to the Future Part II. Apparently, this day holds the key to the space time continuum. And what we're living in is one of many alternate realities. As if sent through some cosmic time portal, we get to see the USA Today page from when Griff has Marty Jr. framed. Don't worry, everything will be back to normal by the end of the evening. We hope!

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USA Today has gotten into the fun of celebrating Back to The Future Day by creating this key prop from the film. It was once a cute piece of product placement, but now it's something you can actually own. And we have a look at the redesigned page for you here. This clever 'newspaper' recreation will actually just be a 'wrap' that covers today's real paper. Now fans, and maybe even some who won't understand what's going on, will get to feel as though they've been plunged into the alternate 1985 timeline, if only for a few seconds.

The original paper seen in the movie only featured above the fold content, some of which has been changed for this exciting edition. Vice president of brand and creative strategy at Gannett publishing Matt Urbanos was tasked with creating additional stories to fill in the missing gaps. AD Week had this to say about the USA Today recreation.

"Only the top half of the cover was remade to be featured in the movie. The bottom half of the paper was never featured in the movie and was just old content that happened to be left over from an old version of USA Today. We worked with Universal and Bob Gale to update the bottom half and add content that was relevant and cohesive as our way to finish the story and punctuate this moment."

The original USA Today that appeared in the movie made a reference to Queen Diana, and that has been changed. The paper does have an ad for Jaws 19, which is found inside the wrap. If you don't feel like rushing out to purchase your own, you can check out the digital copy here. It has a lots of fun Easter eggs for any diehard Back to The Future fan. And it even mentions that director of the trilogy Robert Zemeckis is embarking on a remake of 'A Match Made in Space'. This is the book that George McFly has published at the end of Back to The Future. Apparently, it was already made into a movie in 1989. The first version was a big box office bomb. That sounds about right.

USA Today Back to the Future 2 front page