The day has finally arrived! October 21, 2015, the date Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) traveled to from 1985 in the beloved classic Back to the Future Part II. Fans around the world are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the original classic, Back to The Future. Yesterday, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment released the 30th Anniversary trilogy set on Blu-ray & DVD, and today fans will be able to watch all three movies in theaters. Over the past few weeks, we have shown you a number of videos celebrating the 30th Anniversary, and now we have two more videos to help round out this celebration!

The first video from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment features Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, who offers a heartfelt message from the iconic DeLorean. The classic sequel Back to the Future Part II featured a number of "predictions" about what advancements in technology may have been invented by the time 2015 rolls around, like hoverboards, self-lacing sneakers and self-drying clothes. Sadly, we don't have any of those items quite yet, but Doc offers some words of wisdom, stating since none of these advancements have happened, none of our futures are set yet.

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Last week, Toyota debuted a new video where Back to The Future stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited in a diner, as they talked about the Back to the Future Part II predictions that have actually happened, and those that haven't. That brief video was just a tiny tease, though, with the auto manufacturer promising the full video on October 21. Now that the day has come, we have this new five-minute video, where the company unveils their new vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, which uses hydrogen cell fuel technology predicted by Back to The Future.

In the full-length video, dubbed Fueled by the Future, the actors are joined by an engineer named Misha, who is seen collecting trash in his Toyota Tacoma, just like the one Marty drives at the end of Back to The Future, at some iconic locations fans of the franchise will recognize. The "Fueled by the Future" video is the last in the "Fueled By Everything" online video series demonstrating hydrogen fuel's potential to be sourced from almost anything, including solar, wind and trash.

Today marked the official on-sale date of the Mirai, the same date that was "the future" in the storied Universal franchise. More than 2,000 people so far have requested to buy a Mirai in California, where it is first available. While drivers can't exactly throw soda cans and banana peels into the Mirai fuel tank and expect to cruise the roads of California, organic waste can decompose and produce biogas at landfills. This gas can be purified and converted into hydrogen for fuel. The only emission from the Mirai's tailpipe is water. Take a look at these new videos before reliving the entire trilogy on Blu-ray & DVD, or in theaters for this one-night-only event later tonight.