After getting funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Deadline reports that Gravitas Ventures has acquired distribution for the Back to The Future documentary Back in Time. The studio has set an October 21 release date for release in theaters, VOD, Blu-ray and DVD. As Back to The Future fans know, October 21, 2015 is a very important date in franchise history, since it's when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) arrives in the future in the 1989 sequel Back to the Future Part II. Here's what director Jason Aron and producer Lee Leshen had to say about Gravitas distributing his film.

"As fans of the trilogy and filmmakers, it was extremely important for us to have this documentary seen by as many people as possible. (We) knew within minutes that the team at Gravitas would make that dream a possibility."
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What was once a little idea that spawned a tightly-focused documentary has grown into something truly amazing over two years of filming. Instead of just a look at the eye-catching De Lorean, Back in Time is a cinematic monument to the vastness of the trilogy's fandom. In addition to the footage and interviews revolving around the time machine itself, the crew found that simply by delving into the impact of the trilogy an epic journey began to unfold before them. Here's what Gravitas Ventures CEO Nolan Gallagher had to say in his statement.

"Iconic documentaries, like a bolt of lightning, only come around so often. We are honored to be a part of the Back to The Future mythology and bringing this must-have film to the millions of fans who have loved the trilogy all these years."

Shooting in London, England during a Back to the Future event, hundreds of attendees in 1950's attire were captured for the documentary as they reveled in their shared love of the films; the crew got to set feet upon one of the prophesied hoverboards during a shoot at Hendo Hoverboards; and trips all across America took them from brightly-lit time machine-filled garages to the sun-kissed homes of some truly unforgettable faces. The documentary also includes interviews with director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale, along with stars James Tolkan, Lea Thompson to Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, Back in Time features interview after interview that simply must be seen.

This documentary will also be in theaters at the same time as the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary theatrical re-release and Blu-ray & DVD trilogy sets this October. There will also be Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures set, which includes all three movies and the Back to the Future animated TV series as well. Are you excited to go Back in Time with this new documentary?