Wait! Did Back to The Future predict the September 11th terrorist attack against the Twin Towers in New York City? That's what a new video essay claims. And they have some pretty solid proof to back it up. If you believe in conspiracy theories and /back-to-future-trilogy-soundtrack-vinyl-art/time travel, you will surely get chills watching this expose on how director Robert Zemeckis tried to warn us all about the 9/11 tragedy. And the video goes onto claim that his latest movie The Walk is being used to further the message home.

No one probably truly believes that the Back to The Future trilogy was capable of predicting the 9/11 attacks. Though, the movies do seem to contain some eery references to that historic event. The trilogy ended in 1990, 11 years before the terrorists brought down the World Trade Center. But even in saying that, the time frame is itself a reference to the September attacks. And this video, which takes on some ideas we've heard in the recent past, inflates the concept and runs with it. At first, we almost think the narrator might be onto something. But then the mini-documentary goes off the rails, and even drags in the Monolith from the iconic 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is bonkers, right?

Most will take a quick look at this 9/11 conspiracy video involving the Back to The Future trilogy and write it off as nonsense. But there are plenty of odd coincidences to keep even the biggest conspiracy denier rapt and standing at full attention. You may even feel the need to pull out your old DVDs and go through them frame-by-frame. Though, BarleyHuman11 does a pretty good job of doing that for you.

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The first interesting note is the numerous mentions of the Twin Pines Mall made in the original 1985 movie Back to The Future. The video claims that the Twin Pines are a direct representation of the Twin Towers, and there's even proof of that in Back to the Future Part II. The mall is the site of the Libyan terrorist attack on Doc Brown, who has stolen their platinum to fuel the time circuits and the Flux capacitor in the DeLorean. The exact time of the attack at the mall is 1:16 am. When you turn that upside down, you get 9/11. Of course, when Marty goes back to 1955, he runs over one of the Pine Trees, and when he arrives back in the future, the mall has now been retitled Lone Pine Mall. This is said to be in reference to the Twin Towers falling, and being replaced by the One World Trade Center. In the early part of the mall scenes, just before Doc sends his dog Einstein one minute into the future, Doc's stopwatches are timed at 1:16 am. Again, turn them upside down and they spell out 9/11.

Sure, that's creepy on it's own. But there's more! There is a lot of dialogue in the first two movies that connect to the Twin Towers attack. Including the warning of the lightening strike on the clock tower. When the shouting woman tries to get a donation from Marty and Jennifer to save the clock tower, shouting 'Save the Clock Tower', there sits the All-Knowing Eye behind her, on a store marquee. Also known as The Eye of Providence, this symbol is often associated with the illuminati and found hiding in various conspiracies.

Things take a real turn to the weird once we actually arrive in 2015 as depicted by Back to the Future Part II. There is a scene in Marty's future home, where Marty's daughter and Parents George and Lorraine stand in a room showing two Twin Pines on a projection screen. These Twin Pines then morph into the Twin Towers. As you may remember, George McFly is in a futuristic back brace that has him hanging upside down. From his perspective, when the projected image moves up, it is actually moving down from his POV, and supposedly, this represents the World Trade Center falling, as seen through by a world turned upside down. Is this reaching? Or crazy scary? You'll have to watch the video to decide for yourself.

Now, as we all know, October 21, which is in just two days, is the day Doc and Marty go to in the future depicted in Back to the Future Part II. This Twin Towers movie projection is playing in October 2015. That's the same year you can go see director Robert Zemeckis' latest film The Walk. And guess what? The The Walk is about the Twin Towers! Now, is your mind blown? As this essay goes to point out, Robert Zemeckis has dressed his lead character, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in clothes very similar to what Marty wears at the end of Back to the Future Part II. Perhaps most scary about the video is that when Future Marty returns to Doc, just as Doc has sent Marty back to 1985, 9/11 is spelled out by a nearby storefront's neon sign lined up with the fiery tire tracks left by the DeLorean. It's very spooky. And then, as the narrator points out, the whole end of Back to The Future is about securing a wire to the clock tower, the visual representation of the World Trade Center. And The Walk is also very much about securing a wire between the two bygone buildings. Are you buying any of it yet?

There is a lot of stuff in this video essay that makes sense. But was Robert Zemeckis truly able to see into the future as this featurette suggests? Or is that all just some giant coincidence? We urge you to take a look at the video and decided for yourself. Is the Twin Pines Mall and the Clock Tower the visual representation of the World Trade Center? Did the filmmakers know how history was going to play out?

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