It's 2015 and we have hover boards and now we finally have the full trilogy score for Back to the Future available for the first time! Mondo is thrilled to unveil a 6-LP vinyl box set for the Back to the Future trilogy as well as individual releases of one of the most celebrated film scores of all time with music fully restored from original master recordings under the supervision of composer Alan Silvestri. This marks the first time the score has ever been made available in a box set in any format, the first time the original film score has been available on vinyl and includes never-before-released tracks from the sequels.

The collectible packaging for the box set was designed by DKNG studios, creatively highlighting the DeLorean's iconic fire trails in each film's setting. The individual albums were designed by artist Matt Taylor from his previously released screen prints for the first two films and an upcoming print for the third film, all set for sale on the Future Date of 10/21/2015 at

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Screenwriter Bob Gale contributed exclusive liner notes for the box set and here is an excerpt about producer Steven Spielberg's first encounter with Alan Silvestri's score. The filmmaker stated the following.

"I remember sitting in Universal's Hitchcock Theater with Bob Zemeckis next to me, and Steven Spielberg next to Bob. Steven had not attended any of our scoring sessions and had always been a tad uncertain as to whether Alan was capable of doing the type of score Steven believed we needed. He didn't realize that some of Al's score had been laid in for this screening. During the Clock Tower sequence he leaned over to Bob and said, 'now, this is what your score should sound like.' Bob smiled and replied, 'that is our score, Steven.' Thus, Steven Spielberg immediately became an Alan Silvestri fan."

The Back to the Future trilogy box will include all of the music composed and conducted by Alan Silvestri. Artwork is done by DKNG studies. The set has the complete soundtrack for all three films. Each film's soundtrack is contained in a deluxe gatefold jacket with artwork unique to the box set, housed in a hardshell slipcase. Included are 6XLPs all pressed on 180 Gram colored Vinyl. The set is a limited edition, and will retail for $105.

All three soundtracks are available separately as well. The complete original score to the time travel masterpiece Back to The Future all be available on vinyl for the first time ever. It arrives on 2XLP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl with artwork from Matt Taylor and costs $35. Both Back to the Future Part II and Back To The Future Part III soundtracks contains their complete original scores, available for the first time ever, featuring over 20 minutes of previously unreleased cues on each disc. Both also feature art from Matt Taylor and retail for $35. If you're wanting to get your hands on these beautiful vinyl babies, you'll want to be sure to be on, near or around your computer on October 21. The only place to secure your order is at, but they'll likely sell out fast. Here's all the art work, with the full set followed by the individual releases.

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