It has just been discovered that Netflix censored one scene from Back to the Future Part II. Subscribers are not happy with the streaming platform at the moment over the censorship. Disney+ has come under fire for editing some of their content, like the Tom Hanks movie Splash. The edit is really awkward and pretty much unnecessary, much like Netflix's move to edit out a little bit of Back to the Future 2.

In the aforementioned Back to the Future 2 scene, Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly thinks he finally got his hands on the Sports Almanac, only to find out it's actually Biff's French girlie magazine called Oh LàLà?. In the original clip, Marty flips through the pages, finds the cover and starts to get upset and saying, "Oh LàLà?" over and over again. In the Netflix version of the sequel, Marty still finds the girlie magazine, but we do not see the cover and he does not say, "Oh LàLà?" over and over again.

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Just like the edit from Splash on Disney+, the Netflix edit of Back to the Future 2 is just as unnecessary and just as poorly done. Obviously, fans of the trilogy are not happy with the decision and they are shouting about it online. "If they sloppily edited this beloved trilogy, WHO KNOWS what OTHER films they've tampered with without you even noticing?" asked one fan on social media. Another person says, "You cut out the magazine cover discovery and 2 lines from Marty. And not even that well. Your edit was sloppy AF. What gives??"

These editing decisions from streaming platforms have many consumers going back to physical media. "So now Netflix censored Back to the Future 2. This censorship bullsh*t is why I still buy physical media," said one angry subscriber. Others are just worried about the poor quality control and wondering if it could have been a mistake in the transfer process since it looks so bad. As of this writing, Netflix has yet to respond to any of the complaints on social media in regard to Back to the Future 2 and the weirdly placed edit.

Netflix only recently started streaming the Back to the Future trilogy and people were really excited to see them. However, now plenty of viewers are now going back to see if there's anything else that has been edited within the original trilogy. After some research, it appears that nobody has ever complained about this particular scene in Back to the Future 2, going all the way back to 1989 when the movie hit theaters. It was never an issue throughout the entire time it's been available to purchase or rent over the years, so hopefully Netflix will respond to the matter and let us know why they chose to edit the minor scene. You can head over to the official Netflix site to watch the sequel and spot the edit, or check it out below.