Some of you may know this about me by this point in time, but for those of you that don't, my favorite movie of all time is Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future Part II. Wait, not the original Back to the Future, you might ask. Nope. I love the original, of course, but the second film is my favorite. Bar none. And thus you could imagine that every day I await word on another flick in the classic series. While that seems like it will not happen in Robert Zemeckis' lifetime, today we do have word that Doc Brown himself Christopher Lloyd would love to return for Back to the Future 4 if it happens.

"That's a tricky, tricky deal. Because you don't want to do another one and disappoint. So I don't know. I'd be happy to, for myself. But we'll see," said Lloyd, now 80-years-old, at Niagara Falls Comic Con.
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He continues to say that if a fourth Back to the Future movie ever sees the light of day, it would need to convey a universal message, like the first three films. Specifically, Lloyd says:

"I think somehow it needs to kind of convey a message about something that's important to everyone, universally, like climate change. Some way of incorporating whatever fever is going on at the moment into the film and keep the feeling of one, two and three."

Sweet! Sounds good to me. But what does he think of co-star Michael J. Fox rejoining the party? Christopher Lloyd says:

"His Parkinson's, he has it, but it's kind of, 'So what?' He just moves ahead. It's very cool. A couple of months ago there was like a bunch of us, Back to the Future [cast], Tom Wilson and Lea Thompson ... we had a panel with all of us, and Michael just goes forth and talks, breaks people up, so it's very cool."

Right on. So Lloyd seems to be saying that if a Back to the Future 4 ever goes into the works, Fox could conceivably rejoin the time-traveling antics as well. Fingers crossed, am I right? But as mentioned above, there is little chance a fourth entry in the Back to the Future series will happen in director/co-writer Robert Zemeckis' lifetime. In fact, when reached for comment, Zemeckis stressed:

"[There will] never, ever be, in the most absolute way, a Back to the Future 4. There will be no more Back to the Future."

Bummer. Now as much as I hate to say this kind of thing about the man who not only directed all three films in the Back to the Future series but also classics such as Cast Away, Forrest Gump, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but come on, Zemeckis. Don't you think you should let the world decide if they want another Back to the Future movie? Isn't it kind of weak to hold the beloved franchise hostage from a new generation? That's what I want to say to Zemeckis. But I'm not going to say that.

The last time we saw Back to the Future on the big screen was way back on May 25, 1990, with the release of Back to the Future Part III aka the one that added in cowboys, Indians, and Mary Steenburgen. This story comes to us via