Back to the Future 4 isn't happening. Probably not ever, but at least not right now. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of fans got excited about the prospect of just such a movie over the weekend when a fake post on Facebook began circulating that promised the long-awaited sequel was finally coming to fruition. The post originated from a fake Michael J. Fox account and has since been deleted, but the caption provided with the post was more than enough to get people talking. The post read as follows.

"Hi everybody! Today is a very important day, besides of being my birthday, I'm announcing Back to the Future IV!!!!! We thought about for many years and we started shooting last summer. I'll reveal the release date in a few days. Love you all!!!"
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Grammatical errors weren't enough of a red flag to guard folks from the blinding excitement that came from the idea of getting Doc Brown and Marty McFly back together for another time traveling adventure in the DeLorean. What helped make it so convincing was the photo included with the post, which features Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson reunited. But the photo was from a few years back.

But maybe this is a good time to ask the question, will we ever actually see Back to the Future 4? Probably not. Christopher Lloyd has expressed his desire to do it and stated that he would still like to in 2015, but that desire isn't enough to make it actually happen. Michael J. Fox is a big factor. He's been battling Parkinson's for a long time now, which could get in the way. However, he's managed to act quite a bit over the years in spite of his Parkinson's. Then there's the studio. Does Universal want it bad enough to put all of the pieces together? Apparently not.

The good news is that we're not likely to ever see a Back to the Future reboot either. Producer Frank Marshall said in 2016, "Yeah [we won't reboot Back to The Future], as long as I have my say. No, that one exists just like E.T., we're never touching those." And it's doubtful Robert Zemeckis or Steven Spielberg would stand for any sort of reboot on their watch either. That means, unless someone decides that finally making a proper sequel is a good idea, we're probably not getting a new Back to the Future movie. At least not any time in the foreseeable future.

So, at the very least, even though we're not actually getting Back to the Future 4, we can rest easy knowing that nobody is going to ruin the sacred franchise as it exists now. It's just a shame that this phony A hole had to get everyone's hopes up. You can check out the since-deleted Facebook post and Lea Thompson's original Instagram post for yourself below. This was previously reported by Yahoo.