Director Robert Zemeckis once gracefully declared that a Back to The Future sequel or reboot will only ever happen over his dead body. And he hasn't changed his mind in the years since making that statement. Even with his latest movie Welcome to Marwen bombing big time in theaters, he has no desire to return to his glory days. And I think we're all glad for that.

Though, a recent poll showed that movie fans most want to see Back to the Future 4 happen out of any and all possible future franchise installments, Zemeckis is holding steady on his decision to keep the property a trilogy (though there is a cartoon series that is considered canon). The filmmaker simply has no desire to bring Doc Brown and Marty McFly back to the big screen. And he doesn't mind disappointing any fans who are dying to see a revival.

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Robert Zemeckis isn't shy about expressing his desire to leave Back to the Future alone. When asked if he was still dead set against ever making another sequel, the director had this to say.

"Oh god yes. I think what the poll is saying...they asked a specific question, so I guess they felt it was important to spend money to poll the world, and ask this question, but don't you think we could all have just given them the same answer? It confirms what we all know, but what I think the fans are really saying is that we really like this movie and if it were possible I'd like more of it. But they understand that it can't be done."

Robert Zemeckis is pointing to that recent poll that went viral, stating that fans most want to see another Back to the Future out of all the other possible sequels out there. And the idea is quite intriguing. But like the director says, it is just a poll. And we've seen from other revivals that it's better to leave things as they are.

One of the major factors keeping Back to the Future 4 from getting off the ground is Michael J. Fox. Though he makes an occasional appearance, he has mostly retired from acting due to complications from Parkinson's Disease. Back in 2008, co-creator Bob Gale admitted that he would never be comfortable making a fourth installment that left Fox on the sidelines.

"As I'm sure you all know, Michael J. Fox is not in the best of shape with his Parkinson's. The idea of making another Back to the Future movie without Michael J. Fox, you know, that's like saying 'I'm going to cook you a steak dinner and I'm going to hold the beef.' You can't do that."

Some fans have championed the idea of a soft remake or reboot that focuses on the McFly family after the year 2015, in which Back to the Future 2 is set. But most believe that to be a horrendous idea. For now, Back to the Future is one property that will only be revisited in toys and comic books. If any further movies in the franchise ever do happen, it will be a long time from now. This story was culled from Complex by way of Yahoo.