Buckle up the seatbelts of your DeLorean, and keep your hoverboard on standby. The cast of Back to The Future is coming together for a virtual reunion hosted by Josh Gad's, who shared news of the event through an Instagram post.

"Oops. Accidentally marked up this picture featuring all of the surprise guests we've assembled for next Monday's #BackToTheFuture #ReunitedApart reunion in support of @projecthopeorg . Guess you're just going to have to tune in Monday, May 11th at 9AM PT/12:00 PM EST to see for yourselves."
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This is not the first time Josh Gad has brought together the cast of a major Steven Spielberg blockbuster from a previous era. The actor recently hosted The Goonies virtual cast reunion, which included actors Sean Astin, Jeff Cohen, Ke Huy Quan, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, Robert Davi, and Joe Pantoliano. Along with producer Spielberg, writer Chris Columbus and director Richard Donner joined the Zoom call, as did Cyndi Lauper, who wrote a song for the movie and featured in a cameo role.

The viral success of that reunion episode no doubt prompted Gad to do another one with a similar theme, this time with the cast of an arguably even more iconic movie. The Back to the Future series follows the adventures of average teenager Marty McFly, who gets caught up in his friend Doc Brown's time-traveling shenanigans. The duo wound up in different time periods throughout the franchise's trilogy, in an entertaining blend of humor and pop science fiction.

The series is often cited as one of the best blockbusters ever, that made stars out of its cast, particularly Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. A snapshot from the upcoming reunion episode that was posted along with the announcement shows Lloyd and Fox joining Gad via Zoom, along with eight other mystery guests, who are presumably other members of the movie's cast and crew.

Despite the Back to the Future franchise being a relic of the 80s and 90s, it's influence is still strongly felt today. The massively popular Rick and Morty show started out as a parody of Doc and Marty's adventures. Similarly, the highest-grossing movie of all time, last year's Avengers: Endgame, made several references to Back to the Future while unveiling its time-travel subplot.

Fans will be thrilled to see the film's cast of beloved characters reunited once again, even as rumors of a potential reboot of the franchise was recently making the rounds of the internet. Some even went so far as to create Deepfake videos of Marty and Doc clips from the movies, their faces swapped with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., the most popular choices amongst fans for replacing Fox and Lloyd.

The creators of the original franchise, however, particularly writer Bob Gale, have been firm about not giving in to Hollywood's reboot fever and keeping the series limited to the original three movies.