You can go back to the 80s with Marty, Doc and the DeLorean in a all new special edition this February. Back to The Future will be re-released in a brand new two-disc special edition on February 10. This new edition will be priced at $19.98 SRP and the sequels Back To The Future Part II and Back To The Future Part III will be re-released and re-packaged on the 10th as well, although they will feature the same special features as before. The film stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Back to the Future Part #1
Back to the Future Part #2
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Back to the Future Part #3

High schooler Marty McFly Michael J. Fox, during the height of his TV success) is catapulted back to the '50s where he sees his parents in their teens, and accidentally changes the history of how Mom and Dad met. Filled with the humorous ideology of the '50s, filtered through the knowledge of the '80s (actor Ronald Reagan is president, ha!), the film comes off as a Twilight Zone episode written by Preston Sturges. Filled with memorable effects and two wonderfully off-key, perfectly cast performances: Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist who builds the time machine (a DeLorean luxury car) and Crispin Glover as Marty's geeky dad.

Special Features:

- Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton

- Q&A with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale

- Enhanced Conversation with Michael J. Fox

- Deleted scenes

- Outtakes

- Original makeup tests

- Cast and crew bios

- Making of Back to the Future featurette

- Back to the Future...The Ride feature

- Looking Back to the Future documentary (The Script, Casting Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd Reflects on Doc Brown, The DeLorean as the Time Machine, Building Hill Valley, Prepping for the "Johnny B. Goode" Scene, The Score, Rushing the Cut, The Legacy)

- Excerpts from the screenplay

- Trailers