Back to The Future star Crispin Glover has had no involvement whatsoever with the franchise since appearing in the original movie, and the actor is opening up as to the reason why. Because of his unforgettable performance as George McFly, Glover served a vital role in making the original the legendary movie that it is. Unfortunately, Glover had a falling out with the producers, and his feud with producer Bob Gale is still going strong after over three decades.

According to Crispin Glover, Gale has been perpetuating the same lies about him over the years, and to take part in any cast reunions or appear in a potential sequel would only validate these untrue claims. Here's how Glover explains it from an interview with Collider Live!

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"[Producer Bob Gale] lies about things, he really does, and I had to respond to certain lies... He was doing things essentially justifying the illegal actions he did... Every five years, they do some new kind of thing to promote and make money from, and he kind of comes up with new ways, he kind of keeps pushing the boundary every five years. In fact, I sent him a cease and desist order last time... He's the only [producer] that does it, but because he's the producer/writer, people actually listened and believed him, but he's a liar."

Glover seems to be referring to the repeated claims Gale has made suggesting Glover didn't appear in Back to the Future Part 2 because his asking salary was too high. In the bonus features for a DVD release of the trilogy, Gale particularly claimed Glover had asked for twice what co-star Michael J. Fox was getting paid. In subsequent interviews, Glover has called his claim a boldfaced lie, feeling he had to make his side of the story public so as to defend himself.

Whatever happened between the two, Glover was replaced with another actor made up with facial prosthetics to resemble Glover. This resulted in a lawsuit against the producers for using his likeness without his permission, and as explained by Glover in the new interview, some fans still falsely attribute the performance to him. Glover says this is another major reason why he doesn't attend any cast reunions, as he doesn't want to support his recasting and the subsequent claims it has brought about from Gale.

"I just wanted people to know that that was not me in the film. Even to this day, people still think I'm in that movie. It's endlessly aggravating... I have no feeling of regret or apology saying this, I do not like the performance that that person did. To me, that was a bad performance. Bad acting. I would never have made the choices that that person made, and people then attribute bad acting to me. That's really screwed up. So, I could never... I could make a lot of money going to these photo things and reunions. I cannot do it, because i would then be promoting people believing that I'm this bad actor. Incredibly infuriating. And then someone like Bob Gale goes and lies about it, and tries to justify his illegal action by saying things that I didn't do."

In the original movie, Michael J. Fox stars as Marty McFly, a teenage time-traveler who jeopardizes his own existence by unwittingly interfering with the relationship of his parents 30 years prior. Glover plays his father George in the movie, co-starring with Lea Thompson as Marty's mother Lorraine. Christopher Lloyd also stars as Doc Brown alongside Tom Wilson as Biff, the neighborhood bully. Though Fox, Thompson, Lloyd, and Wilson all returned for the two sequels, Glover's falling out with producers after the release of the original movie has kept him far away from the franchise ever since.

The concept of a new Back to the Future sequel or reboot comes up from time to time. This is only natural, given Hollywood's penchant or rebooting every popular franchise from years past. For his part, Lloyd has expressed his interest on multiple occasions about doing some kind of follow-up movie. At this time, the closest we've ever come to seeing it happen was a reunion for Lloyd and Fox for a special appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, wearing the same outfits as their characters from the classic movie.

Certainly, the entire situation with Glover and Gale is unfortunate all around. The Back to the Future sequels are fun in their own ways, but Glover's presence in the sequels is certainly missed. In any case, anyone who's seen the original movie should agree no one could have ever portrayed George McFly better than Glover. We'll likely find out more information in the book Glover's writing about his life, which he says will be released next year. This news comes to us from Collider Live! on YouTube, and you can watch the clip in full below.