Back to The Future writer Bob Gale is addressing those Eric Stoltz fan theories. By now, it's pretty much common knowledge that Stoltz was the original Marty McFly and was later replaced by Michael J. Fox. However, there are some fans who are adamant that Stoltz appears in some frames. Back to the Future is one of the most beloved movies of all time, which means that there is always constant discussion about different aspects of the movie and its sequels, even down to the frames.

The Eric Stoltz story came up because of something that Biff Tannen actor Thomas F. Wilson brought up. Wilson claims that it's actually Stoltz in the scene where Marty McFly punches Biff in the café. Wilson is almost positive he did not reshoot that particular scene with Michael J. Fox. In a new interview, Bob Gale was asked about the scene in question. He had this to say.

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"Editor Harry Keramidas, who cut the scene, pulled his notes, which show that the punch was reshot, but the printed takes were labeled 'OK' as opposed to 'Good.' So that could still be Eric's fist. I think the only way we would know for sure is to check the actual edge numbers on the negative, but no one will risk damaging the negative by doing that. The workprint edge numbers might reveal the truth, but no idea if that even exists."

Bob Gale does not deny that the hand could actually be Eric Stoltz's and not Michael J. Fox's. Unfortunately, this does not solve the mystery. It only adds another layer to the fan theory, which will now perpetuate, especially after what the screenwriter revealed next. Gale went on to talk about other shots that might not have Fox in them in Back to the Future. He explains.

"After Marty jumps over the hedge, there's a shot of him from behind approaching the pedestrians coming down the courthouse steps. It could be Eric, or it could be Per Welinder who did Fox's skateboarding, or it could be Bob Schmelzer who was Eric's skateboard double."

So, Eric Stoltz could be in more than one frame of Back to the Future? This topic will be debated until the end of time after Bob Gale just stirred the pot even further. The world can use some entertainment at the moment, and Back to the Future is celebrating its 35th anniversary, so now is the perfect time to go back and watch to see if Michael J. Fox was really the one to hit Thomas F. Wilson in the café.

Back to the Future fans will more than likely get a kick out of the new behind-the-scenes nuggets that Bob Gale revealed. The screenwriter is pretty much always around to address fan theories and inaccuracies, along with those sequel and reboot rumors. For the record, Gale is adamant that a sequel or reboot will never happen as long as he and Robert Zemeckis are alive on planet Earth. The interview with Bob Gale was originally conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.