"When this thing gets up to 88 mph, you're gonna see some serious s***". A Santa Clarita man decided to take his 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 up to 88 mile per hour to see what would happen. Spoiler alert, he didn't go back in time or into the future, instead he was given a speeding ticket.

The DeLorean was first released in 1981 for a mere $25,000 or over $100,000 in today's cash. There were roughly around 9,000 released before the DeLorean hit the skids, and it was only really popular among people who sold drugs or could afford drugs, until it was brought front and center in the classic 1985 movie Back to the Future as a stainless steel time machine that needed to reach 88 miles per hour and use plutonium before Marty McFly could time travel. Thanks to the popularity of the Back to The Future franchise, the DeLorean still holds its value and are relatively sought after.

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According to the The Signal, Spencer White (perfect last name) took his newly purchased 1982 DeLorean on the freeway around 9pm for the first time and decided he had to do it. He had to get it up to 88 miles per hour. White did indeed hit 88mph for about three seconds before getting pulled over by the CHP in present day 2017. After spending a grip of cash on his dream car, White will have to now drop at least $360 in traffic fees and an additional fee for traffic school, but at least he'll have "bragging" rights for being the only one in class with a DeLorean who nearly got busted for reckless driving.

White claims that the officer asked how fast he was going while smiling, which in present day 2017 is pretty miraculous in itself. The officer proceeded to tell White that he had made it to exactly 88mph and then asked where his Flux Capacitor was. Then White and the officer shared a hearty chuckle as he handed White a speeding citation for going 23mph over the listed speed limit, which is a mere 7 miles under reckless driving in the state of California. White likes to think he would have been let off if he had had a Flux Capacitor inside the vehicle.

The DeLorean was the only car ever produced by John Delorean's Motor Company as production ended in 1983 for various reasons, one of which was DeLorean's failure to recoup the $125 million that he had borrowed and his alleged ties to trafficking a certain drug. DeLorean was able to get the charges dropped due to his lawyers claiming that the FBI and DEA had unfairly targeted him and illegally entrapped the entrepreneur. It was announced in early 2016 that a new DeLorean would build 300 DMC-12s for an early 2017 release, costing just under $100,000.

Luckily nobody was injured during White's quest for ultimate Back to the Future fandom and he can live on to tell his tale. While most people would be extremely bummed out to receive a speeding ticket for any amount, White has deemed the ticket as "the dream ticket." I guess that's cool, no time travel, just an expensive speeding ticket.