There are few movies that could generate enough interest to justify a massive, annual fan event, but Back to the Future is apparently one of them. This year will mark the first annual Back to the Future Fan Celebration in California, which will be celebrating all things related to DeLorean time traveling goodness. What is perhaps most exciting about the event is that it will be taking place at Puente Hills Mall in City of Industry, which is the real life location used for the Twin Pines Mall in the first movie.

HitFix reported about the event on Tuesday, revealing that it will be taking place on October 25, 2016. What is fun about that for Back to the Future fans is that it will mark the 31st anniversary of the first time that the DeLorean traveled back in time. The significance of that day specifically appears to be why the event is taking place on a Tuesday instead of on a weekend. Another noteworthy and cool bit about the Back to the Future Fan Celebration is that the event will be totally free. Often times, conventions of this nature charge a fee of some kind just to get in, so that is pretty nice for anyone planning on going.

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Last year was a landmark year for the Back to the Future franchise. Not only did it mark the 30th anniversary of the original movie, but it also marked the year in which Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled into the future in Back to the Future Part II. That being the case, there were countless screenings of the movies and gatherings held all around the country. It is a bit surprising that this event didn't manage to be put together in time for the anniversary last year, but better late than never. Plus, there won't be quite as many Back to the Future events going on, so it will have less competition which should hopefully lead to a better turn out.

The Back to the Future franchise is one of the most beloved in the history of cinema and has maintained a tremendous following over the years. The first movie was a critical and financial triumph, garnering nearly universal praise from fans and critics even today, as well as grossing $381 million worldwide in 1985. That amount is staggering considering the movie only had a reported production budget of $19 million. While both Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III failed to hit the same high benchmark as the first, they are still very beloved by many and have contributed a lot to the pop culture significance of the franchise. Especially in the case of Back to the Future II.

At the moment, there are not a lot of details available in terms of programming and specific event programming for the Back to the Future Fan Celebration. The event is promising celebrity guests, signings, contests, live 80s music and a parking lot screening of the first movie. The organizers are promising that more information will be made available soon. You can keep up with information on the Back to the Future Fan Celebration by visiting their website at