Back to The Future screenwriter Bob Gale has debunked the perceived plot hole in the movie. The '5 Perfect Movies' challenge has brought the debate up all over again as directors and actors discuss what makes a perfect movie. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn chose the iconic 80s movie, though he admitted there could be a plot hole with Marty McFly's parents not remembering that he was the reason they got together. Chris Pratt was quick to jump to the movie's defense, noting, "Maybe they do remember him though, not as Marty, as Calvin." Pratt goes on to argue that a lot of time has gone by and that they might not even remember what Calvin looked like.

As it turns out, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt was right on the money. Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale has officially settled the argument about the "plot hole," though he gives a more in-depth answer than what Pratt provided on social media. Gale begins, "Bear in mind that George and Lorraine only knew Marty/Calvin for six days when they were 17, and they did not even see him every one of those six days." He went on to say, "So, many years later, they still might remember that interesting kid who got them together on their first date." Bob Gale went on and had this to say.

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"But I would ask anyone to think back on their own high school days and ask themselves how well they remember a kid who might have been at their school for even a semester. Or someone you went out with just one time. If you had no photo reference, after 25 years, you'd probably have just a hazy recollection."

Bob Gale brings up a good point when talking about Back to the Future. Calvin is somebody that George and Lorraine only knew for six days while they were in high school. It's not easy to recall one's high school years as they get older, especially when they have children of their own. Gale went on to conclude his definitive statement on the matter. He explains.

"So Lorraine and George might think it funny that they once actually met someone named Calvin Klein, and even if they thought their son at age 16 or 17 had some resemblance to him, it wouldn't be a big deal. I'd bet most of us could look thru our high school yearbooks and find photos of our teen-aged classmates that bear some resemblance to our children."

Meeting someone named Calvin Kline might be the biggest thing that George and Lorraine McFly took out of the whole time with the high school kid. That and the purple underwear and waking up to a spaceman in your bedroom in the middle of the night. So, can Back to the Future be included in the five perfect movie challenge now? Chris Pratt and James Gunn were already there, and thanks to them, we have learned some brand-new information.

Hopefully this news will get back to Chris Pratt and James Gunn, who were championing Back to the Future no matter what. Maybe Gunn will go back and amend his tweet talking about the perceived plot hole from the movie. Regardless, Bob Gale has spoken on the matter and that's all that really matters at this point in time. The interview with Bob Gale was originally conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.