Conversations have taken place in regards to a Back to The Future remake. This, according to Spider-Man: Far From Home and Avengers: Infinity War star Tom Holland. Recently, a DeepFake video put Holland and his Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star Robert Downey Jr. into the sci-fi classic as Marty McFly and Doc Brown. That sparked conversation about the two starring a new version, which is apparently something that was already being explored. Fear not though, movie fans, as Holland has no interest in treading on sacred ground.

Tom Holland is currently promoting the release of his new movie Onward. During a recent radio interview, the subject of the now-infamous Back to the Future DeepFake video came up. It was at this point that Holland decided to reveal that conversations about a remake have indeed come up in the past. Here's what the actor had to say about it.

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"I'd be lying if I said there hadn't been conversations in the past about doing some sort of remake. But that film is the most perfect film, or one of the most perfect films, one that could never be made better."

Undoubtedly, Tom Holland is not the only one who shares that sentiment. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, 1985's Back to the Future is one of the most beloved movies in history. It also was a tremendous hit that spawned two sequels. Michael J. Fox plays Marty McFly, with Christopher Lloyd portraying Dr. Emmett Brown. The idea seems to be to have Holland play Marty and, ideally, Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown. Given the dynamic the two share as Peter Parker and Tony Stark in the MCU, it's easy to see why the powers that be would look at this as an opportunity to print money.

That said, Tom Holland certainly isn't chomping at the bit. Plus, Robert Zemeckis, and recently co-writer Bob Gale, have said they don't ever intend to let a remake happen. Holland, speaking further, did say that he would like to recreate one scene from the movie with Robert Downey Jr., given the chance. And if Downey pays for it.

"If Downey and I could just shoot that one scene that they remade, for fun, he could pay for it because he's got loads of money, I would do it for my fee. We could remake that scene. I think we owe it to DeepFake because they did such a good job. At first I was almost offended. I almost thought, 'I need to call my lawyer right now and sue someone.' This is great! I'm going to get paid today! But I didn't, because I thought it was a great video. I'm going to speak to Robert and see if we can try and recreate something."

Recreating that one scene for the Back to the Future deep fake video could be opening the door for more, as resistant as the stars may be. Now, what if they could somehow do Back to the Future 4, perhaps with Tom Holland as Marty McFly's son, or something like that? Nobody is saying it's a risk worth taking, but in the franchise-obsessed state of Hollywood, it's not hard to imagine a project like this being cooked up. Feel free to check out the full interview with Holland from the BBC Radio 1 YouTube channel.