Bad Boys 3 is happening in a big way, and it promises to take the action over the top. While he hasn't been officially confirmed to direct yet by Sony Pictures, action maestro Joe Carnahan is already in the previsualization stage for the movie, and is now teasing a freeway chase involving a motorcycle on his official Twitter page. This may be all the confirmation we need that the man behind such action favorites as Smokin' Aces, The Grey and the big screen A-Team adaptation is joining forces with returning stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Though, he won't reveal the identity of the man on the motorcycle, only saying this.

"...who is this man? ...and how bad is he?"
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Sony announced last year that Bad Boys 3 will arrive on February 17, 2017, with Bad Boys 4 set for July 3, 2019. During a radio interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra this past week, Will Smith finally confirmed that both he and Martin Lawrence will be back as Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. Here's what he had to say about the fateful reunion.

"I saw Martin a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen him for about two years, and we just looked at each other. We hugged and in that moment we both knew we were making another Bad Boys. So we're definitely doing another one."

This sequel has been in development for several years, but a report from August claimed that Will Smith hadn't signed on yet. While it still hasn't been officially announced that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are officially signed on, this long-awaited action thriller is closer to happening now than it has ever been in the past decade. It isn't known if any other franchise stars such as Gabrielle Union, Theresa Randle and Joe Pantoliano will come back at this time.

Another big question mark for Bad Boys 3 is whether or not Michael Bay will be involved in any way. 1995's Bad Boys marked the filmmaker's directorial debut, and he came back eight years later to direct the follow-up Bad Boys II as well. Michael Bay's career has certainly skyrocketed since then, directing the lucrative Transformers franchise, and, most recently, his war drama 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which debuted last month. It isn't known if Michael Bay even has any desire to return to the franchise, 12 years after he made Bad Boys II.

With a February 2017 release date already set, production will certainly have to begin sometime in the near future, but it isn't known if Joe Carnahan has finished work on the script or not. Are you looking forward to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returning for Bad Boys 3? Chime in with your thoughts, and take a look at this exciting sneak peek.