After years of development, Sony Pictures is finally moving forward with the long-awaited sequel Bad Boys 3. The studio is in talks with Joe Carnahan to rewrite the script and possibly direct. While no deal is in place yet, Sony is hoping to move fast on the sequel, hoping to have it ready for Will Smith to consider as his next movie, after he wraps on Suicide Squad. Michael Bay made his directorial debut with 1995's Bad Boys, and he also made the 2003 sequel Bad Boys II.

While this latest Bad Boys 3 update doesn't mention Will Smith's co-star Martin Lawrence, the comedian revealed last August that Bad Boys 3 is "close to happening." David Guggenheim (Safe House) signed on to write the screenplay back in 2013, although no details were given regarding the story. The sequel has been in development for over a decade, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer stating that the project failing to move forward has been a product of "bad timing," due to Will Smith's busy schedule.

If Joe Carnahan can get a new draft together quickly, it seems possible that production could begin either late this year, or early next year. Will Smith will be filming Suicide Squad until September, but it isn't known if he has any specific projects lined up after that. Joe Carnahan most recently directed Stretch, along with the pilots for NBC shows The Blacklist and State of Affairs.