Bad Boys for Life is officially happening with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, but will it include Gabrielle Union? The actress reacted to Smith and Lawrence's social media post yesterday with the use of the eyeball emojis and a telephone, which loosely translates to: "Call Me." Union played Lawrence's younger sister, Sydney Burnett, in Bad Boys 2 and was also Smith's love interest in the movie. Union's response to the long-awaited sequel comes after NBC canceled her Bad Boys TV spin-off with Jessica Alba, titled LA's Finest, over a ballooning budget.

Bad Boys 3 has been in development for what seems like forever, but serious talks only started in 2009. In the nine years since it was revealed that the movie was going to happen, a revolving door of writers and directors have been attached at one time or another. We've been close a few times, but now Bad Boys 3 is officially happening, and fans are super excited, including Gabrielle Union. After seeing her reaction online, fans started to echo her sentiment, with one social media user stating, "Ain't nothing official without Gabby"

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For now, it's unclear if Gabrielle Union will be involved in Bad Boys 3, but we should find out soon. If all goes well, the sequel should start filming in and around the Atlanta area early next year. Will Smith has been attached to the project for over a year, but it was beginning to look like Martin Lawrence was getting sick of waiting around to see if the production was actually going to begin. However, he's all in now, as seen in the actors' excited social media posts yesterday.

Bad Boys 3 is all set to be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah from a script that Chris Bremmer wrote. Michael Bay originally announced plans to direct the film back in 2008, but noted that the cost would be pretty high with both he and Will Smith on board. Martin Lawrence has announced a few times that production was set to begin, only for release dates to later get pushed back. After many announcements of production start dates, Lawrence said in August 2017 that he doubted that the sequel was ever going to get made.

After years of the project being in limbo, it appears that Bad Boys 3 is finally really happening this time. The release date for the highly anticipated movie is now January 17th, 2020, as long as nothing weird happens. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence seem to be beyond excited that the sequel is moving forward after nearly a decade of false starts and rumors. Now we just have to wait and see if they decide to bring Gabrielle Union back into the fold. You can check out the reaction to the official announcement of Bad Boys 3 below, thanks to Gabrielle Union's Twitter account. Also included is some abandoned art of L.A.'s Finest, the canceled Bad Boys TV show, which looks like it could have been pretty amazing. A pilot was shot and indefinitely shelved, so who knows if we'll ever get to see it.

LA's Finest Bad Boys TV Show