Will Smith jokingly thought he was "better than Tom Cruise" before setting out to make Bad Boys for Life. Cruise is still going strong at 57-years old and completing his own stunts, which gave 51-year old Smith the confidence to do the same. However, when it came time to shoot the long-awaited sequel, Smith found himself second guessing himself. You can read what he had to say below.

"I'm trying to hang on. There were a couple of the action sequences that I was like 'oooh.' I started and I told myself I was doing all of my stunts. I was doing -- you know, Tom Cruise was just hanging on the side of an airplane at 50. I was like 'Man, I'm better than Tom Cruise!' And I did like two stunts and I was like 'I'm not better than Tom Cruise!'"
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Bad Boys for Life was a workout for both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence who are back to the franchise after a pretty lengthy break. A lot has changed since Michael Bay helmed the first installment, which launched the movie careers for both Smith and Lawrence. Bay was the one to convince Smith to do some shots with his shirt off, even though he really did not want to do so. He only did so because Bay told him it was going to make him a star.

With that being said, Will Smith running around with his shirt off isn't what made him a global superstar. Michael Bay had a good point about the fashion, but it was the explosive performance in Bad Boys that cemented it all and sent Smith on a long journey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Now, it's commonly known that Smith is a world famous action star, thanks to his hard work and effort that he pours into his roles, like Tom Cruise.

Getting older doesn't make action scenes and stunts any easier, but Will Smith and Toom Cruise, along with Liam Neeson and many others are able to still make it look effortless, which is probably why they get paid the big bucks. With that being said, there are still some pretty intense risks involved when shooting stunts, especially since the whole cast and crew depends on the stars of the show to keep the production running. That's a lot of outside pressure to make sure everything goes smooth.

Bad Boys for Life opens in theaters this weekend and fans of the franchise are looking to see if Martin Lawrence and Will Smith still have it. The long-awaited sequel has been talked about for years and for many, they never thought the day would finally come. Months before it was officially announced, Martin Lawrence even cast doubt on it ever happening. But, it's really happening and it's only a few days away. You can check out the interview with Will Smith below, thanks to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel.