There was some controversy earlier this year after Bad Moms became a huge hit at the box office. It was soon announced that Bad Dads would be the follow-up instead of a traditional sequel. Fans didn't like this news, and demanded to know where Bad Moms 2 was. As it turns out, there won't be a Bad Moms 2 proper. Instead, it will be a Christmas movie, and STX Entertainment was saving the announcement for this particular day, laughing at fans, knowing that this was happening all along! Exhibiting their own bad behavior, indeed.

STX Entertainment is fast-tracking A Bad Moms Christmas, a new film from writer/directors Jon Lucas & Scott Moore that will reunite stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn and be ready to release in time for the holidays next year, it was announced today by Adam Fogelson, Chairman of the STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group, and Oren Aviv, President and Chief Content Officer for the STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group. The film will be produced by Suzanne Todd and executive produced by Bill Block.

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Produced for $20 million, Bad Moms took in more than $180 million worldwide when it was released earlier this year. In A Bad Moms Christmas, the under-appreciated and over-burdened sisterhood must deal with the stresses of the most wonderful time of year as their own mothers visit for the holidays.

A Bad Moms Christmas will be released by STX Entertainment on November 3, 2017. Written and directed by Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, the gratefully married writers behind the comedy The Hangover, Bad Moms proudly celebrated motherhood in all its glory, and for this new chapter the producers will have even more prime casting opportunities for actresses as they introduce new members of the BAD Moms family. Said Adam Fogelson, Chairman of the STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group.

"This is a brand that has enormous goodwill all over the world, so expanding and extending the Bad Moms franchise in an authentic and irreverent way has been a priority for our team. Jon and Scott have a truly hysterical story that was pure perfection. Mila, Kristen and Kathryn are excited to re-team, and we will move forward with A Bad Moms Christmas on a similar time table and in much the same way in which we produced the original."

Kristen Bell made the announcement proper to her fans on Twitter we don't necessarily get a trailer, as no footage has been shot yet. But we do get a Twitter teaser that offers a few laughs. You can check it out here. And you can prepare for these holiday delights by checking out Bad Moms again on Blu-ray and DVD, with the movie now currently enjoying even more success on the home market. Happy Holidays!