Is Bad Moms 2 actually going to happen? Though Bad Moms was the sleeper hit of the summer, a traditional sequel has not been announced. Instead, STX Entertainment has decided to move forward on the spin-off Bad Dads. But that doesn't mean a true sequel isn't in the works. In fact, directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are planning quite a few follow-ups over the course of the next several years.

Produced for just $20 million, Bad Moms surprised everyone when it brought in nearly $180 million at the worldwide box office this summer, and it's still playing in some markets. A sequel sounds like a no brainer. But many fans were left scratching their heads when STX decided to go the Bad Dads route. And at this time, it isn't known if Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn or Kristen will be included in this spin-off at all.

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Some fans were upset, especially since the focus of this female-driven comedy was being pulled off the woman and placed on the men. CinemaBlend caught up with the directors to get their take on the matter. And apparently, they are not involved in the sequel at this stage. Says Jon Lucas.

"Our goal right now, first and foremost, is to make Bad Moms 2. To find out a way to get the sequel off the ground, because we had such a great experience making the movie. We know that the studio is excited about expanding the world of, whatever you would call it, the Bad Dads and Bad other things. Our primary focus is on doing a sequel, because I completely agree with you. It was too fun making this thing to not make another one."

Apparently, Bad Dads was announced instead of Bad Moms 2 because discussions are on-going in just how to carry forward with what could be a very lucrative franchise. Scott Moore goes onto explain this.

"There's a lot of discussion at the studio about what the next steps are going to be, but I just want to echo what Jon was saying, which is that we may end up being involved with Bad Dads. We may not. But our focus right now is to get Bad Moms 2 off the ground. We think that those characters are so... there's such good chemistry with them, we think we could do 10 movies with them and it would be fun."

That's right. 10 movies. Fans should be careful what they wish for. Comedy sequels hardly ever live up to their predecessors, and 10 Bad Moms movies could be overkill. But the duo behind the first movie want to go the Police Academy route. Jon Lucas says this.

"We want to go full Police Academy where we are on, like, Number 9 or 10 and still trying out how to make this funny."

The verdict is still out on how Bad Dads will go over with audiences. But it's clear that audiences loved the first movie hugely in part because of the cast chemistry. Which helped fuel a word-of-mouth campaign that kept the movie in theaters well into the fall. At this time, Neither Bad Dads nor Bad Moms 2 have an official release date. Bad Moms comes home on Blu-ray and DVD November 1.