Actor Billy Bob Thornton is officially in talks to star in the comedy sequel Bad Santa 2 for The Weinstein Company.

We reported in December that The Weinstein Company is joining forces with Disney-owned Miramax for sequels to Bad Santa, Rounders, Shakespeare in Love and a few other Miramax projects. Producers Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein previously ran Miramax before Disney took over the company and retained the name, which lead to the brothers forming The Weinstein Company. Here's what a Weinstein Company spokesperson said about this particular sequel.

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"We feel that it's a Christmas perennial for the R-rated crowd. Everyone loves the character and Billy Bob is excited to be in talks with us."

It isn't clear when filming will start on Bad Santa 2, or if Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff will return to helm the sequel. It also isn't known if a writer has been hired to write the script for Bad Santa 2.