Barbara Crampton is a Hollywood legend and genre icon, just don't call her a scream queen. An accomplished actress, she has appeared in quite a few classics since starring as Trista Evans on Days of Our Lives back in the 1980s. She is having a strong resurgence on the horror scene, and this weekend, she appears in the Norwegian set thriller Sacrifice. Written and Directed by Andy Collier and Tor Mian, the movie hits theaters Friday, February 5, before hitting On Demand February 9, and followed by the Blu-ray release on February 23.

Barbara Crampton made her feature film debut in a big way, with a role in the acclaimed 1984 Brian De Palma crime thriller Body Double followed by an appearance in the 1985 cult comedy classic Fraternity Vacation. But it was horror classic Re-Animator, which arrived that same year, that really put Crampton on the map. She would go onto appear in such beloved genre favorites as Chopping Mall, From Beyond and Puppet Master solidifying her as one of horror's leading ladies.

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Now she takes the lead in Sacrifice, playing the leader of a sinister cult that worships a sea dwelling deity. The Lovecraftian horror thriller also stars Dag Sorlie, Erik Iundin, Jack Kristiansen, Johanna Adde Dahl, Ludovic Hughes, Lukas Loughran, and Sophie Stevens. It was inspired by the Paul Kane short story 'Men of The Cloth'.

In Sacrifice, New Yorker Isaac and his pregnant wife return to a remote Norwegian village of his birth to claim an unexpected inheritance. Here they find themselves caught in a nightmare as an ancient evil awakens to claim a birthright of its own. Starring as the Norwegian cult leader Renate, Crampton lures the couple into a deadly trap that is filled with nightmares and a lot of cold water.

Paulington James Christensen III recently caught up with Barbara Crampton to talk about Sacrifice and the nightmares it is likely to induce if you choose to watch late at night, before you go to sleep. The tag line is 'Dream Well'. You definitely won't be doing that once you succumb to the horror's hidden within this cold Norwegian thriller.

We also delve into the watery scenes Barbara had to endure during the filming of Sacrifice, which required the actress to climb into the freezing lakes of Norway to accomplish some of the scares on screen. She delves into creating her Norwegian accent for the movie, and even lets us in on some of the cult history she studied before assuming the role of Renate.

If you are looking for a new scary movie to watch this weekend, Sacrifice may not just be your best bet, it may be your only choice. If you are looking for a good scary double feature, Sacrifice will pair well with Ari Aster's acclaimed 2019 pagan cult mystery thriller Midsommar.