Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer are back on set for Barbershop 3, the hilarious continuation of the Barbershop franchise, which has spawned two sequels, a spinoff and a TV series. Ice Cube has offered up a sneak preview of the comedy this morning, giving fans an exclusive first look. What kind of hijinks can we expect to see when Barbershop 3 opens early next year?

Barbershop 3 Behind-the-Scenes Episode 1 brings us directly into the action. Appearing in this first video, we get to see co-stars Nicki Minaj, Common and many more as they all go to work. We also get to see a quick black and white history of the story so far. This is cut with the first-ever scenes from the film, which promise more uproarious moments of shop talk and haircutting antics.

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Malcolm D. Lee, the director behind The Best Man and The Best Man Wedding, brings his blockbuster touch to this series for the first time. The story continues the journey of Calvin Palmer, Jr., a man who inherited a South Side Chicago barbershop from his father. He spends his normal days working in the shop, interacting with co-workers and the surrounding community. Ice Cube, who has starred as Calvin in all three movies, is producing Barbershop 3 alongside Matt Alvarez, Bob Teitel and George Tillman Jr. Join the ride and take a look: