Barry Sonnenfeld, best known for his quirky films such as MIB, is only two months into his new deal with Sony TV, but he has already set up numerous projects, including an off-beat superhero drama tentatively titled The Nelsons. The show, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is set up at ABC Family, who have recently been experimenting more and more with superheroic properties.

Similar in vein to Disney's The Incredibles, The Nelsons will be about the juxtaposition of superheroics and family life. "It is a metaphor of what it is like to be a supermom and overworked dad in modern times," Sonnenfeld said of the project. Sonnenfeld will produce the show and may direct.

The Nelsons, will be a one-hour live-action feature for ABC, and will be written by Peter and Dee Steinfeld.