Barry Sonnenfeld is returning to the small screen yet again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sonnenfeld will executive produce and direct the pilot for Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30.

The project will be written by David Katz, Esquire Magazine's contributing editor, and A.J. Jacobs, Esquire's editor-at-large, based off Katz's book of the same name. The book features such items as, "See any movie with elves, mutants, Wookiees or other nonhuman characters on opening night"; "Figure out which dirty words are spelled by phone number"; "High five in a business situation"; "Have any furniture that involves cinder blocks"; and "Google ex-girlfriends."

The series will be based off Katz and Jacobs experiences and, while it will be set at a mens magazine, it won't be branded as a workplace comedy.

"The show is about a guy working at men's magazine who is reluctant to embrace adulthood and his friend who is an immersion journalist," said Katz, whose friend Jacobs is an immersion journalist.

No production schedule was announced for the new series.