The Batcylce is having a hard time handling the wet road in a newly leaked set video from The Batman. Robert Pattinson's stunt double actually crashes the new vehicle towards the end of the short video. It's not easy being a stunt person, and as Brad Pitt recently pointed out at the Academy Awards, it's time they get more recognition in the entertainment industry. The identity of Pattinson's double is unknown at this time, but he certainly needs a shout out after modeling the new Batsuit and testing out the Batcylce in the rain.

In the latest set video from Matt Reeves' The Batman, we can see the stunt double riding the new Batcycle next to another motorcyclist, who might be Zoe Kravitz's stuntwoman. They're both speeding down a wet road and when they get closer to the camera, you can see the Batcycle's back tire lose some traction, but the stuntman is able to straighten out before abruptly crashing the vehicle at the very end of the footage.

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There was probably some damage done to the Batcycle, along with the Batsuit, but more importantly, it does not look like anyone was injured. Riding a motorcycle with a weird design, while wearing a bulky costume is more than likely not an easy task, especially with the wet conditions. The female rider beside Batman is in a leather jacket and her bike appears to be normal. So far, it has been speculated that the mystery second driver could be Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman. This obviously has not been confirmed at this time, but the second driver is female, as evidenced by the other set photos.

The Batman is currently in production and it looks like things are in full swing. Robert Pattinson has yet to be seen on set in the new Batsuit, but we should get that reveal any day now. Reeves was wise to drop the camera test footage ahead of time to beat the leakers. It's a tactic that has worked out well for Todd Phillips while making Joker and Patty Jenkins while she was making Wonder Woman 1984. Nearly everything finds its way online when shooting in public areas, so it's best to get an official look out there before the leaks dominate the discussion.

Matt Reeves appears to be taking DC fans to the Year One-era of the Dark Knight in The Batman. However, he seems to be pulling from a number of different sources, which is wise and was expected. The director has not said much about the movie, leaving fans alone to speculate. Whatever the case may be, there's certainly a lot more to talk about now was we head into the weekend. You can check out the Batcycle taking a tumble from The Batman set below, thanks to DC fan Dizzy's Twitter account.