Considering the sheer quality of comic book movies these days, it is hard to believe that there once was a time when the likes of 1997's Batman & Robin was all that comic book movie fans had to satiate themselves. Though there are not many who enjoy looking back at this bleak time of an overly colorful Batman, actress Alicia Silverstone, who starred as Barabara Wilson aka Batgirl in the movie, has been doing just that, stating her desire to return to the role someday.

"I loved all my scenes with [Alfred actor] Michael Gough. Michael Gough is a dream and I just love that man so much. So, you know just being with him was so incredible and lovely. I'm trying to think what else I'd be proud of. I mean, I like it when I get to do the fighting scenes with Uma Thurman. That's fun. But I'd like to do it all over again as this woman! [Laughs] I think it would be much better now."
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Clearly Alicia Silverstone has been paying attention to the more modern adventures of the Caped Crusader, with the likes of The Dark Knight and the rest of the Christopher Nolan trilogy, as well as Ben Affleck's much-loved iteration of the famous DC character suggesting to her that playing Batgirl now would be much better than it was more than two decades ago.

The actress highlights her scenes with actor Michael Gough as her proudest moments from the experience. This is no surprise, as throughout the early Batman movies, Gough comprised the kind of warmth and comfort associated with Alfred, and remains to this day many fans favorite take on the reliable butler.

It has now been 23 years since Batman and Robin hit theaters over the head with its own brand of cinematic vomit, with the fourth and final installment of Warner Bros. Batman series concluding with Batman, this time played by George Clooney, and Robin, brought to whiny life by Chris O'Donnell, facing off with Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy and the perpetually pun-dropping Mr. Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. As if that were not already enough to deal with, the Bat-Family also gain a new member as well with the addition of Alicia Silverstone's Batgirl, who in the movie is not related to Commissioner Gordon, but Alfred instead. She receives zero training from Batman or Robin and is sent off to fight master criminals whilst Alfred presumably just crosses his fingers and hopes for the best.

Upon release, Batman and Robin did not do particularly well financially, with the movie beginning with a strong opening at the box office, but quickly declining, ultimately bringing in $238.2 million on an estimated $160 million budget. The movie also did not fare very well with critics, and Silverstone herself ended up taking home a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Batgirl. So, it is pretty unlikely we will see her suit up again for any future Batgirl appearances.

Rumors abound that Batgirl will soon be getting her own movie, but until then, if you so choose, stick on Batman and Robin and gain a whole new appreciation for the comic book movie genre as it exists today. This comes to us from Collider.