A new report suggests that Joss Whedon might not be involved with the Batgirl movie anymore. When Zack Snyder announced that he had to step down from Justice League due to a family tragedy, he revealed that Whedon was going to come in and take over for him. It had been previously revealed by Warner Bros. and Snyder that Joss Whedon was going to come on board to cover the reshoots before Snyder left, but he ended up taking over all directorial duties and finished Justice League, which has left a foul taste in some hardcore DCEU fans' mouths. Whedon's name has been attached to direct Batgirl since the beginning of this year, well before all of the Justice League drama took place, but a new rumor suggests that he is no longer involved.

The reshoots for Justice League went on for much longer than anticipated and it is believed that the time away from the Batgirl movie was detrimental to the development. Adding to the drama is the open letter that Joss Whedon's ex-wife wrote detailing his personal life and mistakes may have also impeded the process further. Superbro Movies claims to have a source close to the situation and says that the decision was made by Warner Bros. months ago to not have Whedon come back for Batgirl.

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The report has not been confirmed, but the source goes on to claim that the recent box office misstep for Justice League is not helping matters for Joss Whedon coming back and directing the Batgirl movie. Warner Bros. was reportedly not happy with the length of the reshoots and it's becoming more likely that the critical backlash to the new DCEU movie will have a lasting effect on whether or not Whedon returns. But the source claims that the decision was made over the summer strictly over problems in Whedon's personal life that were brought to light from his ex-wife.

Again, this a rumor, so it's best to take the news with a grain of salt. Joss Whedon could be working on the Batgirl movie right now as neither he nor Warner Bros. has made a statement to make anyone feel any differently. As far as the critical and fan backlash to Justice League, there seems to be just as many people who love the movie as the people that hate it. The issue comes up every time a new comic book movie comes along, but the DCEU seems to come under harsher criticism.

It has also been rumored that Warner Bros. was never interested in making a Batgirl movie before Joss Whedon stepped in and pitched the idea. This would make it easier for Warner Bros. to step away from the project. But as previously mentioned, the feminist ideals that Whedon has touted for decades has now been seen as fraudulent, which may or may not have been the real reason that Warner Bros. has reportedly chosen not to work with the director. Whatever the case may be, you can read the report via SuperBroMovies.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick