Tim Burton's Batman was a big deal when it hit theaters in the summer of 1989. It's still a big deal to this day, having set the wheels in motion for what a comic book adaptation could be on the big screen. With that being said, star Michael Keaton accidentally spoiled the big Joker twist while out promoting the movie on the night before its premiere. This is a common occurrence these days with Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo's names instantly coming to mind.

At the time of its release in 1989, many were expecting Batman to have the same corny look and feel as the 60s TV series, which starred Adam West. Instead, comic book fans were given a darker look at the character and his origins, along with the struggle to keep it all together, anchored by a strong performance from Michael Keaton. While appearing on Late Night with David Letterman, Keaton was so comfortable that he pretty much told the late night host the entire plot on the night before the movie was to hit theaters. After talking about the Joker's part in the movie, Keaton says, "I'm kind of blowing the plot here."

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The live audience let out a collective groan when Michael Keaton made his announcement, but it didn't do anything to harm Batman's chances at the box office. The movie opened with $40.4 million domestically and went on to earn over $411.5 million globally, which is now over $800 million when adjusted for inflation. The movie was the highest grossing movie of 1989, beating out Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the process.

While Michael Keaton may have spoiled the plot of Batman on national TV, 1989 was a far different time than today. Fans of the show or the actor may have recorded the appearance on their VCRs, but there was no social media. There was no outrage from comic book fans over the fact that Keaton gave away a little too much about the movie. The video might be going viral now, but there was no such thing thirty years ago unless local or national news decided to pick up on the story.

Tom Holland was recently roasted by some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans for spoiling Avengers: Endgame, nearly two months after it hit theaters. To be fair, Holland has spoiled MCU secrets more than once over the years, so it is warranted. However, the movie has been out for two months, which might as well be two years in today's modern world of quickly taking one thing in and waiting for the next. With that being said, Michael Keaton is kind of a trailblazer her in the current world of spoiling comic book movies to fans. You can watch the full interview appearance of Michael Keaton spoiling Batman below which happens at the 6:06 mark, thanks to the Batman1989 YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick